Recent Cases: Most recent major assignments for Computer Forensics, eDiscovery, and Forensic Accounting:

Current and On-Going:

Criminal Defense December 2011: Fraud Conspiracy. Examine Prosecution evidence and client computer for exculpatory evidence.

Civil December 2011: Potential Shareholder due diligence.

Civil November 2011: Theft of IP by trusted employees. Examine client computers for employee unauthorized removal of data from company computers.

Investigation November 2011: Potential Stalking of female by former computer savvy boyfriend. Examine cell phone and computers.

Consult with Respondent October 2011: Digital data acquisition by Plaintiff in alleged misuse of Plaintiff Trade Mark.

Digital Investigations October 2011: for Plaintiff in alleged employee theft of Intellectual Property.

Assist in the defense of persons charged with violations of California and Federal Criminal Statutes. January through October 2011.

Computer: April 2011: Criminal Defense: Stalkling.

Computer: March 2011: Criminal Defense: Cell Tower investigation.

Accounting and Computer: January 2011: Civil: Shareholder dispute and reconstruction of records.

Accounting: March 2011: Civil and Criminal: Defense of alleged theft of company assets.


Accounting and Computer: April 2011: Criminal Defense: Theft of trust funds in Real Estate.

Consulting: September 2010: Criminal Defense through CJA. Possession of Child Pornography.

Computer: April 2011: Civil Defense: Allegation of theft of trade secrets.

Computer: Personnel Matter for employee termination, determine violation of computer use policy.

Computer: Civil Family Law: April 2011: Recover iPhone data.

Computer: April 2011: Civil Defense: Allegation of theft of trade secrets.

Accounting: January 2010: Family Law: Dispute between spouses as to income, hidden assets, and misappropriation of community funds.

Computer: January 2011: Criminal Defense: Cell Tower investigation.

Computer: June 2010: Criminal Defense: Possession of Child Pornography.

Computer: August 2010: CFO alleged defalcation of company funds in excess of $2m. Image multiple HDD and consult with Forensic Accountants.

Accounting and Computer: July 2009: Family Law. Dispute between spouses as to income, hidden assets, and misappropriation of community funds.

Internet Investigation: January 2009: Internet alleged libel by union members against union officers.

Computer: July 2010: Misuse of Quasi Public Agency computers by employers. Seize and Image multiple HDD and other media.

Computer: July 2010: Internet Libel. Investigate and discovered source of posted comments.

Computer: July 2010: Theft of Company records and equipment by group of employees. Recover and convert non-standard video to MS based video.

Internet Investigation: May 2010: Family Law: review work of opposing examiner to determine origin and types of adult pornography.

Accounting and Computer: Family Law April 2010: A dispute between spouses as to income.

Computer: March 2010: Dispute between business partners. Image HDD for evidence.

Accounting: January 2010: Dispute between business partners. Investigate business records for misuse of company assets.

Computer: January 2010: Criminal Defense. Investigate State's evidence and HDD for alibi and reasonable doubt.

Consulting: July 2009: Criminal Defense-CJA. Investigate Federal evidence and arresting agency city main frame computer for reasonable doubt.

Consulting: April 2009: Criminal Defense. Investigate Federal evidence for reasonable doubt of knowledge of alleged counterfeit imported computer parts.

Consulting: April 2009: Wrongful Termination: Defend against disgruntled employee who "Manufactured" Email used to libel and terminate co-worker.

Internet Investigation: January 2009: Professional Organization hired ACTF to identify, for purposes of issuing a desist order, dissident group member's website administrator.

Computer: March 2008: Wrongful termination. Analyze Plaintiff's computer for artifacts of deleted email files. Also hard drive image made by other examiners.

Computer: December 2008: Travel to Palm Springs, CA to image hard drive of a decedent's computer to investigate for documents relating to a Will Contest. Settled.

Computer: October 2008: Travel to Los Angeles County to retrieve client's computer from contracted work site. We imaged hard drive to investigate unauthorized key logger installed by client employee.

Combination Computer and Accounting: Beginning August 2008. Case involves alleged theft of funds by employee, unauthorized transactions by employee claiming to be an officer of the company, image entire company computer system, analyze data files, repair and secure company compute system, and put company on computer security/maintenance contract. On going. Client has now become a regular IT support customer for ACFTF.

eDiscovery: July 2008: Consult with client on data acquisition and document request matters.

eDiscovery: May 2008: Meet with law firm for eDiscovery consulting engagement regarding Class Action Law Suit. Case Settled for $42,000,000.

Computer: April 2008: Pending Family Law matter. Imaged computer hard drives for later analysis from business and family computers to preserve current evidence . Evidence sealed and given to Plaintiff's attorney. Plaintiff has legal access. Image not to be examined until all parties approve.

Computer: July 2007. Examined computer of third party, unrelated to this assignment who voluntarily allowed us access to their computer, to determine credibility of witness in a case related to another person. Witness had unrestricted access to the computer. Found items requested.

Computer: June-July 2007. Our assignment was for a Family Law Case to find business records and indicia of unacceptable pictures on home and business computers. We found all requested items on the home computer, even thought it appeared files on the home computer had been deleted. Business computers contained items requested.

Accounting and Computer: June 2006: A dispute between members of a church and the national body as to who owns the church property. Also were any expenses paid in contravention of a Court Order.

Computer: Settled May 2007: Business Dispute: Our client, Company A leases mailing lists. Company B, also a mailing list company, leased Company A's list for a one-time, special purpose mailing. Company A "seeded" the list leased to Company B. Company A received a solicitation from Company C whose business was totally unrelated to the purpose Company B leased the list from Company A. Our assignment was to examine the integrated list from Company B which contained Company A's and look for the "seeds" in the combined list. We did not find the "seeds"; however, the case settled in favor of our client, Company A.

Accounting: November 2005 to January 2006: Business dispute between two shareholders (A & B) who owned a Real Estate Sales Franchise and an Escrow Company. Shareholder A engaged my services to try and determine why the seemingly successful company was losing money. During the period of this examination A & B came to a buy-out agreement and stopped my work prior to its completion. My preliminary report determined B and B's spouse was taking funds for "managing" the firm which were not in the written agreements. It also appeared B was funneling escrows and sales to another company outside of the firm—this was supported by an independent audit preformed by the franchisor.

Accounting: October 2004 to January 2005: I was hired by the plaintiff/acquiring company (A) in a completed merger to investigate a business dispute between them and the acquired company (B) and its officers (B-O). A alleged B and B-O presented fraudulent and false financial projections which A relied upon to its detriment. This case involved a detailed analysis of agreements between A, B, and B-O. I examined the records of B. I prepared work papers, spreadsheets, and charts to show the failure of B and B-O to adequately disclose and possibly to conceal the true results of B's operations (losses) before, during, and after the acquisition of B by A. I was deposed by B and B-O's attorneys for over 4 hours. This case settled just prior to the scheduled court date.

Accounting and Computer: Prior assignments have included analysis of financial and tax records for business disputes, marital disputes, and lost income in a workmen's compensation claim.